No More RINO's In 2016

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Press Release April 14, 2014

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Monday, April 14th, 2014

For Immediate Release

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Ann Marie Ubelis

Beaufort Tea Party Group




MIDDLETOWN, NEW JERSEY - April 14th, 2014

In less than a month, an incredible reaction has been coming forth across the nation.

Dozens of conservative groups have added their names as signatories to a Press Release sent in early March, stating that they will NO LONGER accept an RNC 'anointed' candidate who, more than likely, would be considered by these groups to be a moderate republican.

What started with a few groups, who have seen the writing on the wall as the GOP and the mainstream media begin their 'anointing' process of a 2016 nominee, has turned into a constant changing movement of TEA Party and conservative groups with a common understanding.

In the original statement that was published in early March, their message was as follows:

It is time for the GOP to choose a candidate who reflects the values and core principles that were once that of the Republican party, and propelled Ronald Reagan to landslide victories in 1980 and 1984 - namely: smaller government, lower taxes and respect for the rule of Constitutional law.

In the event a moderate or liberal republican is nominated by the GOP in 2016, the TEA Party and Conservative groups that joined together in this statement, have pledged to refuse any support for that nominee and urge all concerned Americans who believe in liberty, prosperity, smaller government and fiscal responsibility, to join them in their action.


Robert Gordon, Co-Founder of the Bayshore Tea Party Group stated: "it has become quite evident, with so many groups enthusiastically signing on, that the frustrations with the GOP and mainstream media, are shared by so many. From one end of the country to the other, groups continue to add their names to the list. It should be noted that behind each TEA Party group listed, stands an army of members who are informed, volunteer their time and .....VOTE! "

Danny B. Joyner, Commander, Alabama Patriots (listed as the first Tea Party in America at adds:

"Our group is dedicated to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness guaranteed to us under the Constitution of the United States.We believe Christian, conservative & constitutional leadership is needed in every elected office in the nation. We will work to ensure our children and grandchildren's future is secure. We Dare Defend our Rights. Please join us in this fight".

In the coming weeks, the website will be opened to individual citizens who would like to add their signature.

Conservative and Tea Party groups are encouraged to go to the website, to add their group to the list and future Press Releases.

The following is the updated list of over 30 signatories as of April 14th, 2014:

- Bayshore TEA Party Group - New Jersey CNY TEA Party - New York

- East Jersey TEA Party Group - New Jersey East Bay TEA Party - California

- West Jersey TEA Party Group - New Jersey Firelands Patriots of Eerie County - Ohio

- New Jersey TEA Party Caucus - New Jersey Mansfield TEA Party - Ohio

- Ventura County TEA Party - California Cincinnati TEA Party - Ohio

- Aroostook County TEA Party - Maine Chilton County TEA Party - Alabama

- Bakersfield TEA Party - California M.O.B. Patriots - Alabama

- New York TEA Party Coalition - New York Alabama TEA Party Patriots - Alabama

- Beaufort TEA Party - South Carolina Rainy Day Patriots - Alabama

- Morris County TEA Party - A NJ-non-profit corp. Green Bay TEA Party - Wisconsin

- TeamNJ - New Jersey Medina County TEA Party - Ohio

- TPATH - New Jersey North Ridgeville TEA Party Patriots -Ohio

- Cleveland TEA Party - Ohio Conservative-Warriors - Ohio

- Wood County TEA Party - West Virginia C.U.T. Group - Wisconsin

- Skylands TEA Party - New Jersey The Findlay 9.12 Project - Ohio

- Ocean County Citizens for FREEDOM -New Jersey Fox Valley Initiative - Wisconsin

- Marion Voices of Liberty - Ohio Athens Ohio 9-12 Project - Ohio

- We The People Ohio Valley TEA Party - Ohio Restoring America Together - S.C.

Check back on their website for updates:

Facebook :



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