No More RINO's In 2016

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Press Release - June 16, 2014

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June 16th, 2014 -Middletown, NJ  

Brat: TEA Party win?

According to Annie Ubelis of the Beaufort TEA Party, South Carolina and Southern Sense blogtalk radio......"Dave Brat was absolutely a "win" for the TEA Party movement. He did not run as a 'TEA Party candidate' per say, but his platform of responsible government, free markets...that is what the people voted for."  

Barbara Gonzalez of the Bayshore TEA Party group, N.J., added: "The people of this country are understanding that the "establishment" republican and democrat parties are failing them. Brat and others like him may not refer to themselves as "TEA party" candidates, but Americans are understanding that the principles of the TEA party movement, are the way we should be going. This should be a wake up call for not only the GOP, but democrats as well."

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RINO Hunt caught on tape! Brutal attack results in a stampede.

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NoRino2016 Video Contest Announcement Dear RINO Hunters,

Just imagine the caption: 

RINO Hunt caught on tape!  Brutal attack results in a stampede.

Okay, well not THAT brutal, but have some fun with it! 

Everyone is invited to submit their video of their idea of what "NoRino" means to them. 

Be it funny or serious, send your video, starting today, to

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Press Release: May 12, 2014: Immediate Release - Warning to Republican Party??

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The organization, NoRino2016, is pleased to announce the addition of three more groups to their ever growing list of signatories.

Those new groups are:
  • The Knoxville TEA Party  - TennesseeThe Northeast
  • Wisconsin Patriots - Wisconsin.
  • The New Boston TEA Party - Connecticut 

This movement started in early March when it became apparent that the GOP was ready to start the funding and anointing of their favorite Republican In Name Only...aka a 'RINO'.

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Press Release - May 5, 2014 - Over 50 groups sign on!

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While TEA Party/Conservative groups and individuals are wondering where the Republican party has gone, they are also wondering why they seem to be turning a deaf ear on a major faction of their party.        

The list of groups that represents tens of thousands of volunteers and voters,  is growing each week, yet the message seems to be ignored by the GOP and the establishment leaning media.

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Mike Huckabee Wants To Restrict Free Speech Of Conservatives? REALLY???

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January 25,2014

Mike Huckabee Wants To Restrict Free Speech Of Conservatives? REALLY???

While perusing Conservative websites and blogs adding my mere two cents to a few conversations I stumbled across a website named "Eagle Rising" with the following commentary about Mike Huckabee. 

See below, "Mike Huckabee Wants to Get Rid of RINO's...."

Of course, I couldn't resist replying following Mr. Coca's item.

Mike Huckabee Wants to Get Rid of RINO's 

(It's not what you think)

By Onan Coca / 24January 2014 

A RINO is a "Republican in name only" – and someone apparently used the term when they were talking about Mike Huckabee. He wasn’t too happy with that.  “Many of you used a term that I’d like to see outlawed from the vernacular of the party: RINO,” he said, calling it a “pejorative term” that questioned one’s purity…“With all due respect, I’ve fought in the trenches of Republican politics for over two decades, but I wouldn’t pretend that I’m lord over determining who the real Republicans are versus theso-called RINOs,” he said…Huckabee reminded his readers that Jesus once said that “a house divided against itself cannot stand,” referring to the Gospel of Matthew…“I’d rather have a loyal dog who licks me than one with a pedigree who bites me,” he added. “I’d rather go to battle with someone who isn’t perfect than with someone who thinks he is.”

I get why Huckabee is upset at being called a RINO. It is a pejorative. It’s meant to carry a  very negative connotation. I also understand why Huckabee was called a RINO. (DON”T GET MAD AT ME.) He’s not a RINO in the Lindsey Graham/John McCain sense… he’s a RINO in a populist –economics sense. But I would hesitate to use the term to apply to him because his “flaws” don’t really reach RINO heights.

Actually, I get a lot of email from readers who agree with Huckabee about this. I often get not-so-polite “fan mail” telling me that I am the problem. Why? Because I divide Republicans instead of uniting them. I and others like me use words like RINO to support “weaker” Tea Party candidates that end up costing us influence. I don’t agree on two counts –first, I don’t think that backing Tea Party candidates weakens us because the RINO candidate is as bad as a moderate Democrat. Secondly, I don’t agree that I divide us because the RINO’s do the same thing to conservatives that we do to them.

Here’s the thing, the RINO term is really important. The Republican Party is no longer (if it was ever) a monolithic political entity. Sure there are liberal Republicans and conservative Republicans and we all fit in the tent because we fit here better than in the Democrat tent… but if we’re honest, we’d rather not be in the same tent with some Republicans. It’s not just us either. Republican politicians feel the same way. Look at how John McCain’s little RINO cadre treat Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Justin Amash, Thomas Massie and the rest of the new blood libertarian conservatives. Do you think McCain and Graham want those guys in our tent? (The answer is no…;)

Another infamous RINO, John Boehner (R-OH), recently proved again that conservatives aren’t the only ones doing the dividing. Representative Joaquin Castro (D-TX) revealed that Boehner called Rep. Steve King (R-IA) an a**hole for his opposition to amnesty for illegal immigrants. 

On a day not too long after Boehner’s political body check of Steve King for his immigration comments, the speaker was milling around the aisle walkway in the middle section of the House floor where the Democratic and Republican territories meet.  Another Texas Democrat and I were standing a few feet away, and as the speaker passed us we thanked him for denouncing King’s offensive comments. He slowed his stride and then paused to turn toward us.  "What an asshole," he said.  My thoughts exactly, Mr. Speaker. 

With friends like Boehner, McCain, Graham andother RINO’s, conservatives don’t really need enemies. So, I’m sorry you had your feelings hurt Mr.Huckabee, but the term RINO stays. We need it.



Mr. Coca,

Your article caught my eye, it was posted in TEA Party Community, and I thank you for your honesty. You are so correct in your analysis. For years, I have noticed that the name calling and rhetoric flies the fastest when flung from the left side, whether it's from a Progressive, Democrat or liberal Republican (RINO). If the worst we do is use the term RINO (Republican In Name Only) well shocker - We are divisive!

Governor Huckabee,

Shame on you for restricting our right to Free Speech.  Shame on you for taking offense to the term RINO, when, you supported illegal immigration amnesty.  Time and again, you speak a good game for personal and fiscal responsibility, but waffle on social welfare and entitlement issues.  If we hold you to the higher standard of the Republican platform, do not blame us.  You chose to place yourself under the microscope by your public and political persona.

This might be a perfect opportunity for you, to step back,and have a deeply personal introspection. Rather than adding to the mud slinging against Conservatives find a better way to open the discussion and find out why you have angered them to the point they use (shudder - I will say it) the term RINO in describing your political stance.

As a Christian and Conservative, I refrain usually from mudslinging, lest a good wind sends it back into my own face.  However, I will not be silenced from speaking the truth.  Nor, will I back down when attacked by the leadership in our own political party who seek to intimidate me and fellow Conservatives, when we seek to see that same leadership adhere more closely to the very party political platform they voted to stand upon.

We are tired of the McCain's, Graham's, and Boehner's of the Republican Party spitting on Conservatives and continuously capitulating to the Left without receiving any concessions from them.  We are tired of hearing about the line in the sand being drawn, erased and moved further left over every issue. 

We have not moved our line and it is time, Governor Huckabee, you take a look over your Left shoulder and see how far you are away from that line.  It is time, you compromise in our favor. Stop helping them to divide our party and start healing it!

Ann Ubelis

Oops, I think I just tweaked the left again.  I hear the black helicopters coming for me. 

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