No More RINO's In 2016

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Press Release - June 30, 2014

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June 30th, 2014 - Middletown, NJ



Due to the repulsive behavior displayed by the campaign of Thad Cochran, TEA party groups are committed now more than ever, to withholding their support of "RINO" candidates.



The Hilo TEA Party Patriots of Hawaii and Americans for Freedom of Kansas are the latest groups to have signed on to the "NoRino2016" statement, along with other "fed up with the establishment", individuals.



There are now over 68 TEA Party Groups from 23 states that are committed to this effort.

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Press Release - June 16, 2014

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June 16th, 2014 -Middletown, NJ  

Brat: TEA Party win?

According to Annie Ubelis of the Beaufort TEA Party, South Carolina and Southern Sense blogtalk radio......"Dave Brat was absolutely a "win" for the TEA Party movement. He did not run as a 'TEA Party candidate' per say, but his platform of responsible government, free markets...that is what the people voted for."  

Barbara Gonzalez of the Bayshore TEA Party group, N.J., added: "The people of this country are understanding that the "establishment" republican and democrat parties are failing them. Brat and others like him may not refer to themselves as "TEA party" candidates, but Americans are understanding that the principles of the TEA party movement, are the way we should be going. This should be a wake up call for not only the GOP, but democrats as well."

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Over 60 TEA Party Groups Are NOT Going to Comply with GOP

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* * * * * * * *   June    *   2nd    *    2014    * * * * * * * *

NoRino2016 is proud to welcome:  

- Tea Team Texas , Hideaway,Texas  

- East Texas Constitution Alliance , Texas  

- Hideaway Grassroots - Texas   

- Constitution Club and Tea Party - Midland,Texas  

- Texans For Freedom and Liberty - Texas 

- Burleson County Tea Party - Texas 

- Campbell Tea Party - Texas 

- MidSouth Tea Party  - Tennessee 

- Philadelphia Tea Party Patriots - Pennsylvania  

- Carrollton Tea Party - Texas

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RINO Hunt caught on tape! Brutal attack results in a stampede.

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NoRino2016 Video Contest Announcement Dear RINO Hunters,

Just imagine the caption: 

RINO Hunt caught on tape!  Brutal attack results in a stampede.

Okay, well not THAT brutal, but have some fun with it! 

Everyone is invited to submit their video of their idea of what "NoRino" means to them. 

Be it funny or serious, send your video, starting today, to

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Press Release: May 12, 2014: Immediate Release - Warning to Republican Party??

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The organization, NoRino2016, is pleased to announce the addition of three more groups to their ever growing list of signatories.

Those new groups are:
  • The Knoxville TEA Party  - TennesseeThe Northeast
  • Wisconsin Patriots - Wisconsin.
  • The New Boston TEA Party - Connecticut 

This movement started in early March when it became apparent that the GOP was ready to start the funding and anointing of their favorite Republican In Name Only...aka a 'RINO'.

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Press Release - May 5, 2014 - Over 50 groups sign on!

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While TEA Party/Conservative groups and individuals are wondering where the Republican party has gone, they are also wondering why they seem to be turning a deaf ear on a major faction of their party.        

The list of groups that represents tens of thousands of volunteers and voters,  is growing each week, yet the message seems to be ignored by the GOP and the establishment leaning media.

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April 28, 2014: Immediate Release - Reince Priebus Put On Notice!

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Subject: Immediate Release - Reince Priebus Put On Notice!


Press Release

The Media and GOP Continues to Ignore the TEA Party Message 

Middletown, NJ - April 28th 2014 

"How can the media and GOP ignore the fact that tens of thousands of Americans are boldly stating ...We Will Not Comply, We Have Had Enough! The GOP establishment that ignores us, does it at their own peril. If Jeb Bush, or any moderate republican is anointed as the nominee, this faction of the republican party will be MIA." stated Nick Purpura of the Jersey Shore Tea Party and TEAMNJ.  

Since early March, over 45 Conservative groups and Individuals, have signed a pledge to refuse to support a "RINO" (Republican in name only) not only for the 2016 Presidential election but more likely, ANY election. 

Thelma Homer -The TEA Party of Elko Nevada: "There has been much ado about the Tea Party movement fading; I believe we should all stick together and do all we can...from coast to coast". With a very active Facebook page, Twitter feed and website, the groups have bonded together in this cause. Due to the overwhelming response, the website has been opened up to Individuals as well. The message recently went to the airwaves on 'Southern Sense' blogtalk radio, where more groups and individuals were encouraged to join.   

Media News.......Starting in May, they will be launching a "VIDEO CONTEST" where members will be encouraged to submit a video on why they will not support a 'RINO', with the winning video to appear on the website.    


The GOP can either listen to the message, or ignore it.    

That choice may be theirs.......but the consequences will befall everyone.   

The 'Latest' Groups to Join are:  

  • Jersey Shore TEA Party - New Jersey
  • Guardians of The Constitution - South Dakota
  • Independent TEA Party of White County - Arkansas
  • Sonoita-Elgin TEA Party  - Arizona
  • Benton County TEA Party - Arkansas
  • The TEA Party of Elko - Nevada 

The groups cover the following states:

  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • Arizona
  • California
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Idaho
  • Maine
  • Nevada
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Ohio
  • South Carolina
  • South Dakota
  • Texas
  • West Virginia
  • Wisconsin

  Join at: and view the FULL LIST

Facebook :" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">





Contact: Barbara Gonzalez, Bayshore TEA Party Group, 908-902-5728

Contact: Ann Marie Ubelis, Beaufort Tea Party Group, 843-473-7712


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Press Release, April 21, 2014

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Jeb Bush? Chris Christie? TEA Party/Conservatives say

"no thank you!"

Middletown, N.J. 04/21/2014

We have been invited to take our fight to the airwaves and will be guests on..........

"Southern Sense Conservative Talk Radio", hosted by

Ann Ubelis "The Radio Chick" and "Cool" Mike

The show is dedicated to this national movement.

Join us on Tuesday, 4/22, from 2PM - 3:30PM EST.

Call in lines open at 2:15pm and the number is 917-889-3675 - Listen in and join the fight at:917-889-3675

We The People Ohio Valley Spokesman, Bob Connors, had this to say:

"It is time to save America from the good old boy/girl network in DC by standing up for our Constitutional heritage"

RoseAnn Salanitri,

President of the NJ TEA Party Caucus and Skylands TEA Party

Founder of the former Sussex County TEA Party Patriots and Recall NJ

and Co-Founder of the Black Robe Regiment of NJ added:

"Our representatives have forgotten that they serve by our invitation and somehow they have managed to turn us from their masters into their slaves. We must unite our voices and speak with commitment that we will no longer accept the RINOs they are forcing upon us. They got away with that for long enough, but We the People have finally awakened and we are fully aware of the games they have been playing. Now it's time for the elitists to go home and live under the same laws they have cursed us with. Then and only then can we start doing the People's business and start rebuilding this country and restoring our Constitution. Say Good Bye, RINO, whoever you may be. Your time for usurping our freedoms for your personal gain is about to come to an end."

In the original statement that was published in early March, their message was as follows:

It is time for the GOP to choose a candidate who reflects the values and core principles that were once that of the Republican party, and propelled Ronald Reagan to landslide victories in 1980 and 1984 - namely: smaller government, lower taxes and respect for the rule of Constitutional law.

In the event a moderate or liberal republican is nominated by the GOP in 2016, the TEA Party and Conservative groups that joined together in this statement, have pledged to refuse any support for that nominee and urge all concerned Americans who believe in liberty, prosperity, smaller government and fiscal responsibility, to join them in their action.


The website will now be opened to individuals who would like to add their signature.

Conservative/Tea Party groups and Individuals are encouraged to go to the website, to add their group or name to the list.

An Ad by 'Lumina Video' has been released encouraging people to join the growing movement and can be viewed HERE

The following is the updated list of over 40 signatories as of April 21st, 2014:

- Bayshore TEA Party Group - New Jersey

- CNY TEA Party - New York

- East Jersey TEA Party Group - New Jersey

- East Bay TEA Party - California

- West Jersey TEA Party Group - New Jersey

- Firelands Patriots of Eerie County - Ohio

- New Jersey TEA Party Caucus

- New Jersey - Mansfield TEA Party - Ohio

- Ventura County TEA Party - California

- Cincinnati TEA Party - Ohio

- Aroostook County TEA Party - Maine

- Chilton County TEA Party - Alabama

- Bakersfield TEA Party - California

- M.O.B. Patriots - Alabama

- New York TEA Party Coalition - New York

- Alabama TEA Party Patriots - Alabama

- Beaufort TEA Party - South Carolina

- Rainy Day Patriots - Alabama

- Morris County TEA Party -

- Green Bay TEA Party - Wisconsin

- TeamNJ - New Jersey

- Medina County TEA Party - Ohio

- TPATH - New Jersey

- North Ridgeville TEA Party Patriots -Ohio

- Cleveland TEA Party - Ohio

- Conservative-Warriors - Ohio

- Wood County TEA Party - West Virginia

- C.U.T. Group - Wisconsin

- Skylands TEA Party - New Jersey

- The Findlay 9.12 Project - Ohio

- Ocean County Citizens for FREEDOM -New Jersey

- Fox Valley Initiative - Wisconsin

- Marion Voices of Liberty - Ohio

- Athens Ohio 9-12 Project - Ohio

- We The People Ohio Valley TEA Party - Ohio

- Restoring America Together - S.C.

- Manchester TEA Party Patriots - New Jersey

- Greg Canty - Texas

- Bartow TEA Party - Georgia

- Toledo TEA Party - Ohio

- Idaho Falls TEA Party - Idaho

- South Lake 912 Project - Florida

- Robert W. Cook - Georgia

Check back on their website for updates:

Facebook :



Contact: Barbara Gonzalez

Bayshore Tea Party Group


Contact: Ann Marie Ubelis

Beaufort Tea Party Group


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Barbara Gonzalez's call into the Rush Limbaugh Show 4/8/2014

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"Here is the transcript from my few minutes on Rush Limbaugh. I was not allowed to mention the website or tea party group names, so this is the best I could do. Megyn Kelly actually played the part of the show on her show, but they cut me out! LOL is the transcript: (Posted on our No RINO Facebook page)

Barbara Gonzalez, Bayshore TEA Party, NJ

RUSH: We've got Barbara in Middletown, New Jersey, who wants to weigh in on Jeb Bush. Hello, Barbara. Great to have you here.

CALLER: Hi. What a great honor. Thank you so much-for-taking my call, Rush.

RUSH: You bet.

CALLER: Yeah, that Jeb Bush. I think the GOP is really throwing away a great opportunity here. We all see what's going on. The media and the GOP is getting ready for the great anointment, and I just kind of thought to myself, "I wonder how many people are feeling how I feel, that I'm not going to do it this time?" I mean, we did it with McCain, we did it with Romney, and they kind of know that we're just gonna fall in line.

They know that. You talk to people, and they'll say, "Well, if it is Jeb Bush, I guess I'll do it." But I've been finding different, because I've been calling Tea Party and conservative groups all over the country within the last couple of weeks. I've been calling them and asking them if they wanted to sign on to this list that I'm compiling, a statement, and it's become like a full-time job at this point.

People are excited. I call them, and there's no doubt in their mind, they're enthusiastically asking to be signed up -- you know, put on as a signatory to this statement -- saying that they will not support a moderate, a RINO. They're not gonna do it. Just from calling all these different groups, I'm amazed that from Alabama to California, New York, Maine, everywhere, everyone's feeling the same frustration.

RUSH: Well --

CALLER: And I do think that the GOP is definitely throwing away a great opportunity to finally win.

RUSH: Let me run a theory by you. A friend of mine said, "What if Jeb really doesn't want this and is just saying things that guarantee he won't win, such as, 'They're not coming here for anything other than love'?"

CALLER: (laughing)

RUSH: I've got a guy who thinks that Jeb is trying to disqualify himself right now just 'cause he doesn't want to run and he doesn't want all these people trying to draft him. So he'll say something that he knows is not gonna be accepted and get it out of the way. What about that theory?

CALLER: The purpose of that, sir, is because they're pressuring him to be the anointed candidate?

RUSH: I know. My answer to that is, "If you don't want to run, just say so, rather than disqualify yourself." I mean, yeah, I think Tea Party... We know that four million Republicans in 2012 stayed home. Stop and think. I still can't believe it. I mean, I believe it, but in 2012, four million Republicans stayed home for the very reason she's talking about here.


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